Hi, Juliet here, your friendly neighborhood conspiracy theorist. You might know me from my previous work as the leader of the Cowpocalypse movement which peaked in 2016, but today I come to you preaching about the impending Doughpocalpyse.

Writing is my passion; this blog gives me an outlet to work through all of my festering childhood qualms and an excuse to call myself a hand model. I used to freelance for Long Island Pulse Magazine, see my work here, and I currently work as the content director for FundKite, see my work here. As the ghost writer for the CTO of the company, I have our company name on Forbes, Business News Daily, US World & News, American Express Forum and many other major news sources. As I grow my journalism career, my most recently published piece is on GreenRushDaily.

Juliet The Nomad donut reviews are extremely popular among Yelp moms, partially because I have the same sugar cravings as their 5-year-old kids and partially because I could easily win a competition on Extreme Couponing. This blog is essentially Doughpocalypse propaganda written like a New York Times food review, except the critic is secretly haunted by their kinemortophobia (I am one of those two things).     

Whether you’re here for my hands or here for the dones, thank you for being here at all. Really. Feel free to join my grandpa in the comments section about which spot I should take my aspiring food stylist dreams to next. And if you think my blog posts are a hoot, take a gander at my social media accounts!

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