If you’re looking for a versatile writer who can do it all, a marketing chameleon perhaps, I’m your woman.

My career experience does not have a linear path or one niche skill. I’ve worked in many forms of writing and can adapt to nearly any style needed, short form or long form, and I continue to expand my diverse writing experience with freelancing opportunities.

Journalism & Blogging

My previous employer, FundKite, publishes as the business, not individuals. As the sole content creator, all pieces from April 2018 to November 2019 are my work. My top pieces from FundKite are:

And over 200 more…

View my other articles at:

Print Mailers

Below is a snippet of the 2020 holiday mailer for Bob’s Garden Center I worked on alongside a graphic designer. You can view the full PDF at this link!

Video Content

The FundKite YouTube Channel contains 18 videos I’ve created for marketing on social media and paid advertising. In an often glazed over industry such as finance, my goal was to capture attention with a quirky image or the classic dog technique.


My favorite part of digital marketing is how many components go into creating a brand. I am able to teach myself new writing formats and adapt to any style necessary, creative or serious.

Social Media

Social media is used to make a first impression. When dealing with money, business owners want to make sure they’re working with a source they can trust. By posting clean, education images and captions, FundKite can passively build a relationship with prospective and current clients alike.

White Papers

The white papers I created were used for email capturing to educate potential clients based on their business interests.

How To Prepare Your Business For Black Friday

How To Run Your Business During An Election Year

Need To Know Tips For Selling On Amazon

Graphic Design

I primarily work on Canva, but for many small business owners, this is all they need. Below is one of several menus I made for The Chatterbox restaurant in Ocean City, NJ, along with various social media images I’ve designed.


I have extensive experience writing both industry update emails and outbound marketing email campaigns, however they are confidential and I am unable to share the final designs on my portfolio.

Script Writing

As the marketing manager of Bob’s Garden Center, I write our scripts for seasonal advertising and choose the weeks and stations we will advertise on depending on our budget.

I previously did side work writing radio and TV ads for WriteLabel, a service that provides creative copy for a variety of clients including brands, media companies, agencies, and individuals. Due to the nature of radio ads, I unfortunately do not have any work to link.

There is a quote from The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt that reminds me of my professional journey.

“But when I think of you, it’s as if you’ve gone away to sea on a ship — out in a foreign brightness where there are no paths only stars and sky.” (Pg 281)

A “career path” refers to a direct route to be driven down. I would disagree with the notion of a path and say that the professional world is more akin to a ship on a sea, able to sail from copywriting product descriptions for rugs to blogging about business finance, sailing back over to produce copy for 30 second ad videos and a formal speech before the winds change and require writing an email marketing campaign or landing page.

Climbing the corporate jungle gym gives employees much more diversity and knowledge than climbing the corporate ladder. We get to the top by following opportunities in the unexpected ways they present themselves.

When I’m not writing, you can find me reading, taking pictures of my cat, practicing yoga or hyperventilating over the amazing bulk discounts at Costco. 

Let’s Create Something Together.