Prince Tea House

I’ve always been one for the finer things. When I was a kid, I loved to go to a tea house called Miss Molly’s in Medina, Ohio, and rejoiced at the opportunity to wear a frilly dress with bows in my hair. I thought I was a downright debutante drinking from a teapot filled with ginger ale and nibbling at a tier of PB&J finger sandwiches.

My earlier post about Teavana was when I became a loose leaf tea snob, but my devotion to dainty eclairs and steaming green tea began many, many years before that.

Indulged in high tea culture at a young age by my mother and grandparents, I now spend my wintry Saturdays as an adult sipping tea and discussing the pains of commuting in Long Island traffic with my ladies. With this matured colloquy has come a matured palette. I have graduated from PB&J to crème brûlée, which is what brought me to this particular grandiloquent tea spot.

Prince Tea House in Flushing, Queens blends English high tea desserts with Asia grown leaves. Flavors like matcha and durian were mixed in with European financiers and tartlets, an incredible combination that was everything I never knew I needed.

Logan and I originally went with the intention of splitting a pot of candle-warmed tea, BUT, Logan with her discerning eye, noticed something called potted tea, which turned out to be a delicious cup of milk tea topped with Oreo crumbles and a mint leaf. I got rose and she got lavender and EVERYBODY GOT SMILES!


This photo is brought to you by Lactaid. (They don’t sponsor me but their pills are what gets me through half of my adventures. See: giant mug of milk tea featured above.)

If you go here, know that you will have to exercise copious amounts of self control. Phones were out at every table taking pictures of the glorious confections bestowed in front of the customers. I wish I could have ordered more, but between the salted cheese tea and butterfly pea tea, I was already pretty full on liquid.


I knew going in I was going to get a matcha crepe cake, which I’ve been dying to try for years. My only regret is not ordering it earlier in the day because holy caffeine. I also ordered on impulse a fresh, warm and delicious purple yam souffle because I love the color purple, and it came with creamy coconut ice cream that was just as yummy.

Logan got a trio combo (a smart choice if you’re into trying a little bit several different flavors), and for her three desserts she chose the cranberry crème brûlée, a fruit tart, and green tea financiers. All tasty, all cute, all an order again.

Also Logan got a salad.


The ambiance and the energy were great. Prince Tea House was a quiet spot to sit for a few hours and gab with the girls, and if you’re into that green, contemporary aesthetic, there’s plenty to photograph.

My Rankings:

Flavor: 10/10 – I can’t rate their traditional tea (yet), but the potted tea and dessert were fantastic. This will definitely be a place I take family and friends who visit and want to explore the area.

Bang for Buck: 9/10 – This place wasn’t a crazy deal, but with all the food we got it was about $40 total, plus tip. For New York, that’s not bad at all, and for the quality of food, I expected the bill to be more.

Aesthetics: 10/10 – The booths were made of purple velvet, there was a wall of trendy potted plants and every single item on the menu was 100% insta-worthy. A food blogger’s dream come true.

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