Holy Donut: There’s Nothing Potatoes Can’t Do

As a self-proclaimed and locally recognized connoisseur of doughnuts, I’m always looking for the latest and greatest flavors to wow my cat socks off. On my fall trip up through the Northeast coast and Canada, I descended upon the Holy Donut in Portland, Maine. When I heard they make their donuts using potatoes it wasn’t even a question if I was going.

The donuts were remarkably donut-y despite being made with a spud based dough. On the top left is a ginger sweet-potato based variation, which had a bit of a coarser texture. Not a favorite due to chewing induced jaw fatigue.

While the spiced chai gave us its best, the clear winner in my opinion was the lemon ricotta filled Holy Cannoli. Everybody who’s anybody is baking with ricotta right now.


Connor, a hater of sweets and delicious desserts, raved about the Maple Bacon donut, saying it was the best donut he ever had. Here he is pictured chomping into a dark chocolate Toasted Coconut, the unanimous third place winner.


My favorite part about eating new foods is going with someone else. This way I can try a little sampler of all of the flavors and not eat myself sick trying not to waste any extra food. The two of us ate all six donuts in two days, and even that was a challenge. But we are not quitters.

My Ratings

Flavor: 7/10 Brought up by the Holy Cannoli. Otherwise the flavors were a bit dull, but hey, most healthy things aren’t overly sweet.

Bang for Buck: 9/10 At about $2.50 each depending on flavor, this blows New York out of the water park.

Aesthetics: 8/10 Most flavors look like plain glazed but a few had good, Instagrammable texture. The aesthetics of the shop were also hip and trendy, if you’re look for a good photo background.

I recommend a visit, because who else makes donuts with taters?? Also, I love the Holy Donut’s dedication to healthy, local ingredients. Don’t you dare try and tell me potatoes aren’t healthy.

Overall, would go back, but only get one. Something about the oil these dough babies were cooked in made the both of us feel not so great. But we still couldn’t stop eating them…

If you’ve been, let me know what your favorite flavors are in the comments!

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